Sugar Queen (USA/NL)

  • Date de début 09/04/2019 — 20:00 Date de fin 09/04/2019 22:00
  • Lieu neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
  • Prix
    • Tarif normal: 15.00€
    • Tarif kulturpass: 1.00€

Michele Denise, known as Sugar Queen, is a versatile American vocalist and songwriter, who performs the Blues in Europe, USA & Asia. Her northern Florida roots explain her affinity with Gospel and Blues. In her early years, Michele played classical piano and received a university scholarship, but never straying from Blues and Gospel, she continued to perform in Southern USA churches.

In 2006, Michele relocated to Asia, where she greatly broadened her horizons, both in recording and live shows, including performing for King Tuan Yang Terutama in Malaysia!

A 2016 change of scenery saw Michele forming « Sugar Queen », collaborating with Belgian and Dutch Blues musicians. Directing their sound toward Chicago Blues, their debut CD « 340 Blues » reached number 4 on the Chicago Blues Roots Music Charts, with 5 of its debut songs ranking in the top 10, the album stayed in the charts for 12 weeks.

Organisation: Jimmy Osborne / Collaboration: Brasserie Wenzel / Soutien: neimënster

Credentials: Michele – voix Andy Aerts – guitare Jean Raven – guitare Erwin Huigen – basse Thierry Stievenart – batterie