Love, Death and Polar Bears

  • Date de début 02/04/2019 — 10:00
  • Lieu opderschmelz - Centre culturel régional Dudelange
    rue du Centenaire 1a L-3475 - DUDELANGE
  • Prix
    • Jeunes - Prévente/Vorverkauf (+Taxes): 5.00€
    • Jeunes - Caisse du soir/Abendkasse: 7.00€
    • Adultes - Prévente/Vorverkauf (+Taxes): 10.00€
    • Adultes - Caisse du soir/Abendkasse: 15.00€
    • KULTURPASS: 0.00€
  • Contact 51 61 21-290 - voir le site

Drowning polar bears, alternative facts and global politics keep hold of our breath. We are shooting towards the apocalypse, but still want to be seen, liked and accepted by others. So busy with ourselves, can we devote as much empathy to the world as it asks for? Has the gap between us and the other become too big? Are we just in love with ourselves, or stuck in a convoluted desire for the other?


Love, Death and Polar Bears is a One-Woman show, a scream from the tip of an iceberg whose height none of us can really predict. Drenched in: schmaltzy pop songs, tragic chansons and absurd poetry. All woven into an eclectic concert-performance through storytelling and electronic music, humor and pathos. Catherine Elsen (the one woman) will make her way through the dried out valleys and defrosting lands of the alienating world we currently live in.


Catherine Elsen is a multi-disciplinary performer, working at the interface between theatre, movement and music. She holds a ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance’ and a MA in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London. Over the last 10 years, she has been exploring the psychic and theatrical expressivity of the singing voice and co-creating for and with various artists.



Founded in 1995, ILL has been around the Luxembourg cultural scene for more than 20 years now. The interdisciplinary theatre collective brings together theatre makers, artists, pedagogues and art aficionados, addressing contemporary, social issues in 4 different languages.


A production by Independent Little Lies ILL, in coproduction with CCRD opderschmelz, Dudelange. With the support of Ministère de la Culture, Fonds Culturel National and Ville dEsch-sur-Alzette.


Concept, music and performance: Catherine Elsen

Dramaturgy consultant : Marianne Villière

Musical consultant: Pouya Ehsaei

Costume design: Michèle Tonteling

External eye: Renelde Pierlot

Lighting design: Nico Tremblay