Jonathan Demme

From the director of five Academy Awards winner The Silence of the Lambs, Jonathan Demme’s widely varied cinematic oeuvre finds the screen during the month of June. His first directorial piece, female pulp prison flick Caged Heat is a juicy “trashsploitation” film bursting with nudity and violence. Following this is Last Embrace, a suspenseful thriller depicting the paranoiac descent of secret agent Harry Hannan following the death of his wife. Up next is Melvin and Howard, a dramatised account of Melvin Dummar’s contested claim to Howard Hughes’s heirloom. It hails as one of Demme’s grand character dramas, enfolding humour and affection in the portrayal of a working-class American down on his luck. Making proof of his versatility in terms of creative and artistic expression, Stop Making Sense is a visual record of the Talking Heads’ musical performance, capturing the 1980s zeitgeist with weirdly wonderful David Byrne and his iconic, oversized suit. To top it off, action-comedy-thriller dubbed “yuppie disaster genre” Something Wild couples Melanie Griffiths as sultry and spontaneous Lulu and Jeff Daniels as likeable yet uptight Charles Driggs on a volatile and emotional rollercoaster.