The New Zealand Dance Company

  • Start date 21/12/2018 — 20:00 End date 21/12/2020
  • Place Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg
    1 Rond-point Schuman L-2525 - LUXEMBOURG
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TIME%0AWITH 8 DANCERS In collaboration with TOUR DE DANCE
%0A Founded in 2011, The New Zealand Dance Company is Aotearoa’s* freshest dance company with a fervent, long-term vision to create a permanent, high calibre, national contemporary dance company to represent New Zealand both nationally and internationally. Now in Luxembourg for the first time following appearances at Holland Dance Festival and Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, this young and innovative company will perform three individual pieces, which promise to be an evening of versatile, technical, energetic and gutsy dance.%0A%0ARecognised as one of New Zealand’s finest and internationally acclaimed dance artists, Ross McCormack’s Matter is a powerful work inspired by several multi-disciplinary artists. In this mythological yet futuristic work, questions of purpose, indecision, and human obsession with order are contemplated within a surreal world of poles designed and constructed by McCormack, appearing as spear-like plinths forcing the space apart. With sound by Jason Wright and lighting design by Jo Kilgour this work is starkly powerful. Ross is the recipient of the 2015 Creative New Zealand Choreographic Fellowship.%0A%0AChoreographer KIM Jae Duk’s quartet Sigan ( Time ) draws from the dual themes of meditation and attack, with a dynamic score created by Jae Duk and featuring traditional Korean drum and gong instruments: jang-gu, kkwaenggwari and jing within a contemporary composition. Jae Duk’s works have been described by critics as attention grabbing, refreshing and innovative.%0A%0ARenowned award-winning Australian choreographer, dancer and director Stephanie Lake presents If Never Was Now. Described by Australian critics as “eccentric and whimsical with a playful, riotous edge … urgent and brilliantly unpredictable”, the work is a surreal hive of buzzing activity reflecting the beauty and brutality of the natural world. Having won many awards and accolades, Lake is one of the world’s most innovative choreographers of her time.%0A%0A*Mãori name for New Zealand%0A
%0A MATTER Choreographer & Set Designer Ross McCormack %0AComposer Jason Wright %0ALighting Design Jo Kilgour %0ACostume Design Vicki Slow %0ARunning Time 42 minutes SIGAN Choreographer & Composer KIM Jae Duk %0ACostume Design Elizabeth%0AWhiting Set Design Rachael Walker %0ALighting Design Jo Kilgour %0ARunning Time 31 minutes IF NEVER WAS NOW Choreographer & Director Stephanie Lake %0AComposer Robin Fox %0ALighting Design Ben (Bosco) Shaw %0ACostume Design Andrew Treloar %0ARunning Time 24 minutes If Never was Now  – was first commissioned and presented by Dancenorth Australia as part of the double bill, If ____Was_____ curated by Dancenorth’s Artistic Director, Kyle Page.%0A%0APerformers Carl Tolentino, Chrissy Kokiri, Katie Rudd, Xin Ji, Christina Guieb, Lucy Lynch, Emily Adams and Chris Clegg  %0AUnderstudy performer Sebastien Geilings %0AChief Executive & Artistic Director Shona McCullagh  %0AProducer Behnaz Farzami %0ARehearsal Director Caroline Bindon %0AProduction Manager Jo Kilgour %0AOperator Abby Clearwater %0AProduction The New Zealand Dance Company Vendredi 21  DÉCEMBRE 2018 à 20h00 (tickets)%0A%0A DURÉE 1h40 & 2 entractesAdultes 25 €, 20 €, 15 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle %0A