Peter Bialobrzeski, Heimat & Die zweite Heimat

  • Start date 02/11/2018 — 00:00 End date 17/09/2019
  • Place Arcades II
    montée de l'église L-9712 - CLERVAUX
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Any attempt to explain „Heimat” on the visual plane invariably leads to the German Romantic Era and the paradigms found therein. (…)

The word „Heimat“ thus becomes the subject of polemics between the individual appropriation of the term in the private realm, and the misuse on the public and political stage. The duality of the term is remarkable: a longing for idyll and ideal stands alongside intolerance and a fear of loss.

Peter Bialobrzeski confronts this volatile topic head on.

In his work “Die Zweite Heimat“ (The Second Home), he takes the question to a new level and expands the meaning of Heimat by opening it outwards: one person’s home can be someone else’s second home.