Criss Cross 2019 + Bojan Z. – Modern Times

  • Start date 09/02/2019 — 19:30 End date 09/02/2021
  • Place opderschmelz - Centre culturel régional Dudelange
    rue du Centenaire 1a L-3475 - DUDELANGE
  • Price
    • Prévente/Vorverkauf (+Taxes): 20.00€
    • Caisse du soir/Abendkasse: 25.00€
    • KULTURPASS: 0.00€
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  • Contact 51 61 21-290 - show website

Criss Cross Europe

opderschmelz se réjouit d’accueillir Criss Cross Europe 2019 à Dudelange. Nous estimons qu’il est utile et plaisant de soutenir la jeune scène du jazz européen, utile car c’est de cette façon que nous formons les grands musiciens de demain, plaisant car ces jeunes ont le talent et l’ardeur pour nous surprendre et nous faire vivre des moments musicaux merveilleux.

Le musicien luxembourgeois élu est Pol Belardi. Le multi-instrumentaliste luxembourgeois est un habitué de la scène opderschmelz et nous l’accueillons avec plaisir et fierté. Le bandleader de l’édition 2019 est l’immense pianiste Bojan Z, lui aussi un habitué de opderschmelz, que nous avons accueilli pour une mémorable résidence lors du jazzmachine 2017.

Pour cette soirée en deux parties vous allez entendre d’abord Criss Cross Europe avec 6 jeunes musiciens européens sous sa baguette.

La deuxième partie sera assurée par Bojan Z. et son projet Modern Times.

Kulturpass wëllkomm!

Criss Cross Europe est un projet européen né du désir de soutenir les jeunes musiciens de jazz de plusieurs pays européens en les faisant se rencontrer, travailler, créer et se produire ensemble sous l’égide d’un maître de jazz expérimenté.

Les partenaires Criss cross Europe -5 en tout – sont actuellement :

JazzLab Series (Belgium) – Jazzus (France) – music:LX (Luxembourg)  – AMPA / Concertclub Paradox (The Netherlands) – Estonian Jazz Union (Estonia)

Pol Belardi

From the moment Pol Belardiplayed his first note on an instrument, sometime in the 90’s in a small town in Luxembourg called Tétange, his curiosity was awakened to create music. After extensive tutelage at local schools in classical percussion, piano, drums and theory, a fair amount of classical orchestra as well as rock band experience and a good first imprint in the local scene, he set sails to study in Brussels and Amsterdam, earning a master’s degree “cum laude” in bass guitar in 2014. He has forged himself a strong credo consisting of two main ingredients: polyvalence and creativity.

His numerous projects vary in both conception of style and the instrument(s) he plays, and since the first childhood composition try-outs (which were mainly transcribing and rearranging video-game music), he has grown to a prolific composer who is not afraid of taking advantage of his diverse musical background.

Now back in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, Pol leads his own bands Force (a modern jazz quartet) and Urban Voyage, an 11-piece crossover mammoth project based in Amsterdam. The condensed but not less groovy Urban 5 saw the light of earth in 2018. In addition to that, he is a member of DillenDub, a co-lead electro-groove-jazz trio. Further collaborations can be traced back to London/St- Petersburg, namely the band “Tele-Port” featuring Zhenya Stringalev on saxophone.

He is also a welcomed sideman on the bass guitar for Pascal Schumacher, Ernie Hammes, Marc Mangen, MetroMara (DE), Little Known Facts (NL) as well as on the vibraphone for klein. (LU).

Bojan Z

Multiple prize awarded jazz pianist, Bojan Z started working with the French bassist Henri Texier, later followed by the famous clarinetist Michel Portal. With his special language consisting of a mature jazz vocabulary with subtly dosed folkloric influences from the Balkans, Bojan leaves an indelible imprint on contemporary jazz. In 2002 he receives the Prix Django Reinhardt for Musician of the Year. In 2005 he was awarded the “European Jazz Prize” ( Hans Koller Prize) as the best European jazz artist. Bojan adds  Fender Rhodes to his acoustic piano play in which be-bop lines fit in seamlessly with dance rhythms, funky backbeats and folk-tinged improvisations.


Criss Cross Europe

Anneleen Boehme,  bass / Belgique

Pol Belardi,  vibraphone / Luxembourg

Yuri Rhodenborgh,  guitar / Pays-Bas

Kirke Karja, keys / Estonie

Mathieu Penot, drums / France

Bojan Z – Modern Times

Bojan Z, keys

Maxime  Zampieri, drums

Antoine Guillemette, bass

Brandy Butler, vocal