Stable financial footing for 2024

The 2024 budget was passed by majority vote in December by the municipal council and includes some ambitious and farsighted projects, but also puts the City on a stable financial footing. The budgetary decisions made for the current year will enable us to deal as effectively as possible with the current situation – which is marked by a difficult housing sector, high energy costs and skyrocketing prices for build­ing materials – while, at the same time, main­tain reserves of over a billion euro for the realisation of major projects. In addition to construction and housing, however, the budget also includes manifold investments in the transport and sewerage networks, the environment and infrastructure for children, all of which reflect the richness of life in the city. These projects are described in detail in the following pages.
Another interesting topic in this month’s issue: our Secret places tours. Organised by the City’s Service Jeunesse (Youth Department), the project is already in its 4th iteration and offers young people aged 12 to 26 the chance to visit some of the city’s unexpected hidden gems as a group with a guide. Would you like to discover places that are usually closed to the public? Upcoming tours will include a police station, fort Lambert and the Mühlenbach cave. Take this chance to explore, ask questions and suggest new ideas for visits, so that we can open the doors to places and facilities that are not usually accessible to visitors.
A must-read this month: the latest political decisions and information on upcoming events, such as the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra being bestowed the European Culture Prize. City met with the orchestra to talk about this and their spectacular new programme. I hope you enjoy reading about all these exciting topics as much as we did ­writing about them.

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PHOTO: Lala La Photo, Ville de Luxembourg