Rewarding engaged children

In May 2023, Serge Wilmes, the first alderman of the City of Luxem­bourg at the time, presented medals to the participants of the
Laf vum Bam race organised by the Bonnevoie-Schlechter primary school. Gifts were given to all the children who ran a total of 1,482 one-kilometre laps. In December 2023, 50 trees and 100 hedges were planted to promote biodiversity in the Bonnevoie district in
the presence of aldermen Maurice Bauer, Corinne Cahen and Paul Galles. The Kaltreis park was chosen as the venue. With its themed
play area, it is a firm favourite among children.
As a reminder, the Laf vum Bam competition is part of the school development plan of the Bonnevoie-Schlechter school, which aims to encourage physical activity, raise environmental awareness among the youngest children and educate them about the preservation of natural resources.

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PHOTO: Charles Soubry, Ville de Luxembourg