Limiting begging

In the last few years, Luxembourg City has seen an increase in panhandling, and in particular, begging by organised gangs and aggressive begging.
To safeguard the wellbeing of local residents and visitors and to protect local business activity, the City has decided to amend its general regulations on public order and safety (règlement général de la police) in order to curb such practices. Begging is now banned every day between 7:00 and 22:00 within a delineated perimeter in Ville Haute and in certain streets in the Gare district. To help people in need, the City of Luxembourg is committed to help where it can and works closely with social services: Caritas, Red Cross, Inter-Actions and many others, whose services include providing homeless people with hot meals, hygiene supplies, clothing and overnight accommodation.
The City also supports the Streetwork and À vos côtés services. Streetwork reaches out to vulnerable people, signposting the available support services. À vos côtés was created in response to concerns voiced by residents of some districts that they felt unsafe.

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PHOTO: Eva Krins (Maison Moderne)