Décembre en danse

December shines a spotlight on dance at the Grand Théâtre. Over a two-week period, four choreographers will showcase their creations to a diverse audience. The opening act, Sarah Baltzinger’s Vénus anatomique, thrusts five female dancers into a surreal and nightmarish realm of feminist fiction. Laura Bachman’s inaugural work Ne me touchez pas explores the intricate dynamics between two bodies accompanied by music from accordionist Vincent Peirani. Rhiannon Morgan, known for her role in Myriam Muller’s Songes d’une nuit… at the Grand Théâtre, introduces Clementine, an exploration of contemporary emotions. Concluding this December dance series is Shahar Binyamini’s More than, a per-
formance for six dancers that reflects on profound questions about humanity.

▸ Vénus anatomique de Sarah Baltzinger ▸ 05 & 06/12, 20:00
▸ Ne me touchez pas de Laura Bachman ▸ 08 & 09/12, 20:00
▸ Clementine de Rhiannon Morgan ▸ 12 & 13/12, 20:00
▸ More than de Shahar Binyamini ▸ 16 & 17/12, 20:00
▸ Grand Théâtre ▸ www.lestheatres.lu