On Stéitsch

The start of the school year always coincides with the On Stéitsch festival. Organised by the National Youth Service, this event aims to promote cultural works by young people and the actors who bring them to life. Across several stages, creators and artists present their work through this platform for expression that is a judgement- and competition-free space. It’s the chance for all participants to be a star for the day as they present the results of a year of work. For those that would like to be the stars in the 2024 festival, there is an Open-Floor and an Open-Mic session to show off their talent. It all takes place in a welcoming and joyful environment and, at this 16th version of the event, like every year, there are sure to be some surprises in store.

▸ 14:00 ▸ Rotondes ▸ www.rotondes.lu ▸ www.onsteitsch.lu

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