Big Bang Festival

▸ 01/07 & 02/07 ▸ 11:00 ▸ à partir de 5 ans ▸ neimënster ▸

Belgian company Zonzo Compagnie is the brain behind the Big Bang Festival, the idea being to give the little ones their very own event like the grown-ups have, but one that’s more adapted to their age, because there’s nothing better than two days of music-making to appreciate those special moments in life. Suitable for children aged 5 and over but designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, the Big Bang Festival offers not only a whole host of concerts, but also interactive and multimedia projects intended to arouse the curiosity of younger audiences. Neumünster Abbey is the ideal venue to host the event, with its facilities for chatting with the singers and musicians involved and for taking part in workshops. The event was awarded by the European Festivals Association and is a great way to introduce children to big summer festivals.

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