Le Grand Tour en musique

▸ 23/05 ▸ 19:00 ▸ Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg ▸ www.conservatoire.lu

In the 17th century, the English aristocracy started the trend of the Grand Tour: a long educational journey across Italy, France and the rest of Europe, which every young gentleman simply had to do. The Grand Tour broadened your horizons and refined your sense of taste… when it wasn’t a pretext for lazing around far from home embarking on debauchery and boredom. This upper-class and cosmopolitan journey reached its peak in the following century and became the prerogative of art lovers, collectors, writers and other artists. Venice, Rome and Naples are the main stops in this concert which wonderfully portrays Italy’s heady musical richness with Anne Galowich on the harpsichord, Thomas Kügler on the flute, François Joubert-Caillet on the viola da gamba and Mari Fe Pavòn on the mandolin.

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