Death Cab for Cutie

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American rock band Death Cab for Cutie started in Washington in 1997 and were originally a solo project by vocalist Ben Gibbard, who then formed a group upon getting a record deal. Death Cab’s music has been classified as indie rock, indie pop and alternative rock. Their debut album, Something About Airplanes, was released in 1998, but thanks to the band’s fourth album, 2003’s Transatlanticism, they really get into the mainstream both critically and commercially.

In 2022, Asphalt Meadows, their tenth album, received critical acclaim and was called the band’s best album in years and a mid-career triumph that expanded and deepened their signature sound without abandoning it.

Together with their studio albums, the band have released four EPs, two live LPs, one live album and one demo album.

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AUTEUR: Simon Claridge — PHOTO: Death Cab for Cutie