David Lynch

▸ 06/02 > 28/02 ▸ Movies’ schedules and languages: www.cinematheque.lu
▸ ERASERHEAD 07/02, 18:30 & 28/02, 20:30

David Lynch: king of the weird, the absurd and the strange. Come to the Cinémathèque in February – to be
continued in March – to explore a selection of his features, short films and a lecture on his work.

Gothic horror, surrealism and nightmarish beauty abound in Eraserhead, where a man is forced to care for his monstrous offspring; the heart-­rending tragedy The Elephant Man is the true story of a Londoner whose deformity earned him this nickname, and futuristic visuals (including Sting in underwear!) set apart Dune as an iconic sci-fi movie.

For a neo-noir mystery thriller, make sure to catch Mulholland Drive and the accompanying talk, and on the 15, go for five (short) films for the price of one. Works that influenced Lynch are also featured, including black comedy Sunset Boulevard, Hitchcock’s thriller Vertigo, and erstwhile controversial film Freaks, which revolves around an attempted murder at a travelling circus.

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