Modifications to the bike lane project

The plans for a cycle path stretching 720 m along Avenue Pasteur are currently being revised.

Following an evaluation by the City and exchanges with residents, the two-way cycle path on the section between Rue Henri VII and Allée Scheffer will be changed into a one-way cycle path going up in order to allow for an increase in the size of the pavement. Going down, a bicycle boulevard will be created where cyclists have right of way over motorised traffic.

During phase 2, trees will be planted on the section between Rue Henri VII and Rue Ermesinde to separate the cycle path from the pavement.

In phase 3, ground markings will be made to create a contra-flow cycle lane between Rue Ermesinde and Rue Batty Weber and for motorists travelling down Avenue Pasteur traffic will be limited to one way.

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PHOTO: Marie Russillo (Maison Moderne)