▸ 20:00 ▸ Grand Théâtre ▸

Global flamenco star Patricia Guerrero returns to the Grand Théâtre with her new production, Deliranza. Following Distopía in 2020, we once again delve into a series of parallel universes born of the choreographer’s dreams. Exhausted after a long day’s work, the artist falls asleep and finds herself in new worlds, each more colourful and surreal than the last, where otherworldly adventures await her. Accompanied on stage by seven dancers, Patricia Guerrero showcases the art of flamenco at its best with an element of captivating and unsettling experimentation. Once again, the Spanish choreographer steps out of her comfort zone to win audiences over with this extraordinary performance.

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AUTEUR: Christophe Chohin — PHOTO: Patricia-Guerrero