The holiday season: A feast for all the senses

At this time of the year, many people seek out our cultural institutions, in particular the theatres, for the wide range of entertainment opportunities offered on these long winter evenings. The spellbinding sets, together with captivating light and sound effects, transport audiences to another world. Go behind the scenes with us to learn about the challenges our theatre crew face in trying to bring everything together in time for the opening night – and learn a few secrets of the trade along the way.

Many of you no doubt have plans to visit the Christmas markets to enjoy some seasonal cheer, which is also the perfect occasion to catch a concert at the Cathedral. If you do so, make sure to pay close attention to the organ. This fantastic instrument has been restored to its original splendour during a meticulous, two-year restoration process. Over the following pages, we explore the historical background of this extraordinary piece – created in 1937-38 – and detail the various stages of its renovation, which was co-funded by the City of Luxembourg.

In this edition, we also talk about an important event on the calendar next year: the municipal elections. On 11 June 2023, residents nationwide will head to the polls to elect their municipal councillors. To be eligible to vote, you no longer need to have resided in the country for five years, and the deadline for registering to vote has been extended by 32 days for non- Luxembourgish nationals. Making your voice heard has never been easier, and you too can help shape the future of your municipality. We interviewed four Luxembourg City residents who shared their stories and reasons for voting. Don’t miss this compelling read!

But that is not all: with recipes, a range of other articles and more, this edition is packed with inspiration for things to do this December.

Happy reading, happy holiday and best wishes for 2023!

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PHOTO: Eva Krins (Maison Moderne)