Jean-Luc Godard

▸ 01/12 – 20/12 ▸ Horaires et langues des films :

December sees the first of two instalments dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard: a pioneer of French New Wave film in the 1960s, Godard revolutionised motion pictures, challenging conventions and traditions and using new styles of film-making. A former film critic, Godard often referenced film history in his own work – see what similarities you can spot!

And so, we begin with À bout de souffle, a crime drama with hints of film noir about a murderous thief on the run, followed by musical romantic comedy Une Femme est une femme about an exotic dancer’s pursuit to become pregnant.

Vivre sa vie revolves around a failed actress who falls into prostitution, and anti-heroes and secret spies abound in Alphaville, a sci-fi neo-noir film in a dystopian metropolis where love, poetry, and emotion are banned.

Business and personal relationships fall apart in Le Mépris as a wife doubts her husband’s honesty, and finally, political war film Le Petit Soldat, a controversial account of a French deserter.

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