Inspired by Steichen

▸ 16/12/2022 – 11/06/2023 ▸ MNHA ▸

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf and Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck’s shared admiration for Edward Steichen’s work led them to collaborate on an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death, featuring a selection of his landscape photographs juxtaposed with Olaf’s Im Wald series and Op de Beeck’s watercolours and sculptures. Although the works are from different periods and each possess an intrinsic singularity, they appear to be in tune with one another, as if they were instruments in an orchestra playing a harmonious melody, spanning the full spectrum of grey tones, from the very light to the very dark.

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AUTEUR: Jean-Marc Streit — PHOTO: Hans Op de Beeck (19639), consoling moon, 2021