End of Luxembourg’s QuattroPole presidency

Luxembourg’s presidency of QuattroPole came to an end during a ceremony at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville on 20 October. The mayors of the four cities (Luxembourg, Trier, Metz and Saarbrücken), as well as representatives, were present for the occasion.

During the ceremony, some 36 projects carried out under Luxembourg’s leadership in the fields of culture, tourism, mobility, citizenship, youth and gastronomy over the last two years were reviewed.

For Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer, the cross-border cooperation that drives QuattroPole has provided added value in these times of crisis. The cities involved have been pushed to not only show solidarity, but also to reposition the network with a new strategy. Many new and exciting projects are sure to be launched, as Lydie Polfer passed on the torch to the city of Saarbrücken and its mayor Uwe Conradt in November. The German mayor pointed out that by cooperating, all four cities are stronger and it is important to keep what Luxembourg has established.


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PHOTO: Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg