De part et d’autre du Rhin

▸ 11/12 ▸ 17:00 ▸ Philharmonie ▸

Schumann’s romantic love story about two young people born on opposite banks of the Rhine was inspired by Goethe’s eponymous tale. Hermann und Dorothea’s idyllic love is reminiscent of that of the legendary couple formed by Robert Schumann himself and his wife Clara, but it also makes reference to the relationship that existed at the time between French and German musicians – a mixture of admiration and rivalry. The outstanding overture is followed by Symphony No. 3 by the gifted composer Louise Farrenc, whose work the Schumanns were infatuated with. Finally, the performance by French violinist and chamber music aficionado Anna Göckel with German conductor Corinna Niemeyer at the helm also promises to raise sparks!

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AUTEUR: Lisbeth Owen — PHOTOS : Clelia Schaeffer