Homage to Abel Ferrara

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In the month of November, we pay tribute to provocative and sometimes controversial American filmmaker Abel Ferrara, director of gritty, neo-noir crime, slashers, horrors, dramas and romantic thrillers. We start with Snake Eyes, where a director’s own disintegrating marriage echoes the narrative of his current project. China Girl follows as a contemporary take on Romeo and Juliet set in 1980s Manhattan. Up next we see the bad side – both manmade and beyond – of law and warfare enforcement: in Body Snatchers, this is due to an alien takeover, but it’s corruption and addiction that lies at the heart of Bad Lieutenant.

Finally, Pasolini is a drama about the final days of Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, and New Rose Hotel sees two headhunters devise an elaborate, dangerous plan to steal a genius scientist from his current employer.

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