One for all and all for one

This autumn edition of City presents the initiatives launched by the City of Luxembourg to support the mental health of its staff, as well as a range of good practices for saving energy and a brand-new tool for community building and connecting people.

Founded in Belgium in 2014 as a neighbourhood platform for letting people get in touch with each other to offer services, ask for help and more, the Hoplr app has now arrived in Luxembourg City. The app has a practical aspect – neighbours can get in contact to lend each other tools, for example, instead of having to buy their own – but also seeks to create social bonds, which are a rich and vital part of our capital’s multicultural community.

With winter just around the corner, we will all have to work together to lower our collective energy consumption to ensure there is enough for everyone. Read on for a number of tips on how you too can do your part, as well as for information on what public measures will be taken. Let’s all do our part to save energy and help the environment, both for our sake.

Given the diversity of the services provided by the City of Luxembourg, all manner of career paths can be found within the various branches of the municipal administration. The City is in a prime position to support the vocational development of its young residents, to which end it takes on tens of apprentices each year for a duration of three years. In this edition, four of these young people talk about their experience with the City as part of its training programme. Who knows, maybe you or someone you know would like to do an apprenticeship with the City?

Happy reading!

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