La Tendresse

▸ 18/10 & 19/10 ▸ 20:00 ▸ Grand Théâtre ▸

Having first been spotted at TalentLAB 2019 with her production Désobéir, a study of the situation of women from immigrant backgrounds in France, Julie Berès returns to Luxembourg with the second part of her work focusing on youth. This time, La Tendresse focuses on young men, examining in turn their links with masculinity, virility and sexuality. Incorporating elements of stereotypes and obligations, this portrait of youth adopts the same documentary approach as the first work, with testimonies transporting the audience to an intimate place and relating the world as it is. A theatrical piece that ventures away from the beaten track to adapt to a contemporary theme, unembellished but with plenty of tenderness, making for a high-impact start to the new theatrical season.

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