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Formed in 2018, Los Angeles band Dummy have developed considerably in a short span of time, leaving behind the trembling avant-folk of their first EP and the lo-fi music of EP2. Dummy use pounding guitars and heavenly ambience simultaneously to fuse the driving momentum of krautrock with the textural chaos of Can, the grimy weirdness of The Velvet Underground and the gentle melodies of The Byrds. However, they avoid the clichés of the genre, refusing to be creatively stagnant by continuously shifting their approach to writing and insisting on exuberant and ecstatic sonic palettes. Dummy also claim influences as wide ranging as spiritual jazz, 90’s UK noise pop and Japanese new age. Their debut album, Mandatory Enjoyment, features unrelenting energy and ample psychedelic noise with ambient interludes and should be a joy to hear live.
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