Rediscover Luxembourg city

In this summer edition of the City magazine, we invite you to rediscover the capital and all it has to offer.

The Pétrusse casemates reopened on 5 June, after being closed for eight years. With their mesmerising new light and sound shows, they offer visitors a unique way to experience history. With regard to other beloved mainstays, some of you will no doubt be delighted to hear that the Schueberfouer will once again be taking place in its traditional format after two years of pandemic restrictions.

With the return of these two attractions, our city is slowly regaining its pre-COVID vibe. Amid this relative return to normalcy, I am certain that the capital’s visitors, history lovers and thrill seekers, will be happy to make up for lost time.

During the pandemic, many of the city’s residents and visitors took to the forest’s numerous walking trails. In order to ensure this natural heritage continues to meet your needs and expectations, I encourage you all to take part in our Urban Forestry online survey, which aims to identify the habits of the people who visit our municipal forests. Tell us about how you spend your time in the woods and help us shape our sustainable forest management strategy to ensure that they continue to meet forest users’ needs, all while protecting our capital’s green lungs and anchoring their role as places of repose.

The subject of peace in Europe and beyond its borders is more topical than ever. To mark the 70th anniversary of the first step on the path to creating the European Union – namely the founding of the European Coal and Steel Community based in Luxembourg City just after World War II – we have included an article on the development and importance of the European Union’s presence in our unequivocally European capital.

Happy reading – and have a great summer!

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