John Constable’s English Landscapes

▸ 02/07–09/10 ▸ Villa Vauban ▸

Shunned for a time in his homeland, John Constable first made a name for himself in France, with Delacroix even inspired by his use of colour. Later, news of his talent spread to England and he became one of the most famous 19th-century painters. A master of landscape painting, Constable drew inspiration from his immediate surroundings – the county of Suffolk and the surrounding towns of Salisbury, Hampstead and Brighton, as is evidenced by his world-famous painting, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows. This exhi bition traces the entire oeuvre of John Constable, from his small-scale sketches to his large-scale landscapes, and is complemented by paintings by contemporaries of his such as Gainsborough, Turner and John Linnell, among others, transforming the visitor’s experience into a veritable voyage through the England of yesteryear.

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