Mafiosi & Mobster Movies (2)

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Still celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Godfather trilogy, this month the Cinémathèque covers all things related to power, betrayal, double-crossing and violence.

This naturally includes The Godfather parts 2 and 3, but you can also catch British gangster film The Long Good Friday (a Cockney crime boss’s plans to become a legitimate property king are thwarted by some very timely bombings on the eve of an important deal), Robert De Niro’s A Bronx Tale (amidst racial tensions, a young man is caught between his loyalties to his father, a local gangster and a woman), and The Funeral (two brothers set out to avenge their third brother’s death).

More revenge is due in Point Blank, while Analyze This weaves comedy into the usual drama as a mafia boss starts seeing a psychiatrist to help him deal with the stressors of crime and killing. Scorsese’s dramatic undercover epic The Departed brings up the rear.

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