Ready, set, go!

After being cancelled in 2020 and 2021, the ING Night Marathon is finally back for its 15th edition. The race will be held on 28 May, and Luxembourg City is thrilled to once again welcome the many runners and spectators who will be travelling to the Grand Duchy to experience this special sporting event and entertainment programme.

Putting on such an event is a major undertaking, and in this issue City takes you behind the scenes: we talked to the organisers, a runner and a volunteer to learn about what goes into making the marathon a success.

This May, the City of Luxembourg is unveiling a new initiative called ‘Cup2Go’. To help protect the environment, the City, together with a number of partner establishments that sell hot beverages, is investing resources to help limit the production of single-use packaging. Drinking your coffee or tea out of a reusable cup may seem like a small thing to do. But if a lot of us do it, we can go a long way towards reducing our impact on nature, to the benefit of our own well-being and that of future generations. Read on to learn more about the Cup2Go project, and how you can help do your part to limit waste from single-use packaging. The City offers 2,500 stamped porcelain cups to the winners of the contest.

We’re also spotlighting Schäfferot on Tour. After two years of pandemic and other challenges, the aldermen and I look forward to meeting with residents once again to present the City’s recent projects and activities, as well as a preview of those to come. From 4 May to 7 June, we will be organising six information and discussion sessions in various parts of the city. We hope to see you there! Don’t miss these stories and many more in the May issue of City magazine.

Happy reading!

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