Luxembourg, a Fairtrade municipality

This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight – which seeks to promote a more equitable future and a fairer and more sustainable society – is scheduled to take place in the first two weeks of May.

Luxembourg City has been ‘Fairtrade Gemeng’ certified since 21 September 2011 and is committed to living by these principals on an everyday basis. Accordingly, all children enrolled in CAPEL activities or foyers scolaires, as well as all persons who attend training programmes, receptions or public events hosted by the City, are always served fair trade meals and drinks. In the same vein, all municipal employees’ work clothes, swimming pool towels and mini-marathon T-shirts are sourced from fair trade manufacturers. The City is also involved in every event that takes place in the capital, and acts in an advisory capacity to suggest solutions and ideas to help organisers make their events greener.

In order to maintain its ‘Fairtrade Gemeng’ certification in the future, the City of Luxembourg needs to meet certain criteria and set up a local Fairtrade task force. Are you interested in fair trade and helping to lead and coordinate activities to promote it? Then contact the Service Environnement (Environment Department) and sign up to the local Fairtrade task force!

Service Environnement : Nicole Isaac, chargée du commerce équitable ; / 4796-4772, 01-15/05

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