Keeping the city clean

In order to allow residents walking in the street to dispose of their packaging, chewing gums and cigarette butts, the City has installed 3,500 litter bins and 2,500 ashtrays and cigarette buttcontainers, which itis encouraging people to use. A reminder that a cigarette butt thrown on the ground can pollute up to 500 litres of water and takes between six and twelve months to decompose. Chewing gums take five years.

The City also pays special attention to dog waste. Dog owners or guardians are obliged to ensure that their dogs do not soil pavements, roads and squares in residential or pedestrian areas, or at playgrounds and public green spaces. They are encouraged to pick up any droppings with paper or plastic bags and dispose of them in one of the 3,500 litter bins. Bag dispensers are available at 400 locations throughout the capital as well as at the City Hall, the Bierger- Center, the Rocade building in Bonnevoie, and so on. There are also dog parks located in various places around the city.

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