Barenboim / West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

▸ 10/05, 20:00 ▸ Philharmonie ▸

Legendary Israeli-Argentinian pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim comes to the Philharmonie Luxembourg accompanied by “a utopia come true”, i.e. the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. Made up of musicians from the Middle East and Israel and founded by Barenboim with his friend Edward Said, this orchestra has become a model of dialogue between cultures to promote peace. Its incredible background will be the subject of an introductory lecture in French by Nicolas Dufetel. The evening will continue with the full score of Bedřich Smetana’s Ma vlást including his famous Moldau – a musical stroll along the eponymous river popular with listeners young and old alike. But it is in its entirety that this work – evoking nature and Czech history adorned with warm post-Romantic ideals – takes on its full meaning.

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