Two special development plans for the capital

Following an agreement on proposals for specific modifications to the general development plan, or PAG (plan d’aménagement général), the College of Aldermen held an information meeting with residents at the start of the year. The City has now embarked on two ‘new district’ (nouveau quartier) special development plans, or PAP (plan d’aménagement particulier).

The first of these, ‘Faïencerie’, relates to land located in Luxembourg-Rollingergrund in the Mühlenbach valley, along Rue de Rollingergrund, and covers an area of approximately 850 ares. This project will create a new and very liveable neighbourhood. In order to create a lively, mixeduse urban area with a high quality of life for residents, special attention will be paid to shops and services (nursery, leisure, bank, offices, hospitality), located in a central square. The latter will constitute an attractive focal point near the Bambësch. Given that archi tectural heritage is a priority for the City, the Septfontaines castle, some adjacent buildings as well as the iconic chimney will be preserved. Finally, the landscaping design will give pride of place to soft mobility with paths and tracks for pedestrians and cyclists.

The second project, called ‘Place de l’Étoile’, covers 281 ares in the heart of the capital (divided into four blocks and a multimodal area). This new project will not only enable the site to retain its function as a hub, but also to become a main traffic artery connecting the capital with its neighbouring western municipalities. This connection will be improved by the existing public transport system and the extension of the tram network from the square to the municipality of Strassen. For the College, the creation of over 600 homes, some of which low-cost, is also a priority in this mixed neighbourhood.

1. The Faïencerie PAP’s aim is to build a new neighbourhood in Rollingergrund.

2. The architectural heritage will be preserved at Rollingergrund.

3. The Place de l’Étoile project will offer a pedestrian and shopping area accessible on foot, by bicycle, bus and tram.

4. The Place de l’Étoile PAP plans four blocks and a multimodal area in the city centre.

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