Dry Cleaning

▸ 14/04/2022 ▸ 20:00 ▸ Rotondes ▸ www.rotondes.lu

Dry Cleaning formed in South London in 2018 and are noted for their use of spoken word instead of sung vocals, as well as their unconventional lyrics leading to musical comparisons being made with Wire, Magazine and Joy Division.The band released their debut single, ‘Magic of Meghan’, in 2019, quickly followed by the release of two EPs that year.

The band were included in NME’s top 100 of 2020 and DIY Magazine’s rankings of 2021. Dry Cleaning’s debut studio album, New Long Leg, was released on 2 April 2021 to considerable acclaim and being named by many as Album of the Year.

One review summed them up best, saying that vocalist Florence Shaw doesn’t shout, or even really emote, but just conveys the words how they’re supposed to be heard, over some excellently played, saturnine rock.

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