Between Old and New Hollywood

▸ 05/04 – 27/04/22 ▸ Movies’ schedules and languages:

For this month and the next, we pay tribute to recently deceased Peter Bogdanovich, former film journalist turned director. He played a critical role in the Hollywood Renaissance – the dawn of a new era for film –, which began in the mid-60s and ended in the 80s. We’ve got two romcoms, What’s Up,
Doc? and They All Laughed
: the former a screwball comedy with two researchers competing for a music grant, the latter following three detectives in the pursuit of infidelity – and love. Nickelodeon finds an attorney, a gunslinger, and an actress caught in both an illegal film production and a love
triangle, while Paper Moon instils crime into the tale of a father and daughter con artist duo.

Finally, coming-of-age drama The Last Picture Show considers the limited options life gives people who live outside of the metropolises of the world.

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