Dancing cinema (2)

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We continue to delve into the art of dance through the art of cinema, as movement weaves its way into different characters’ lives. There is the protagonist of Frances Ha, who is trying to find her path as she dances through
the streets of New York, or Jeanne et le garçon formidable, which tells the tale of Jeanne’s meeting with her one true love, HIV-positive Olivier.

No dance collection would be complete without the 2010 thriller Black Swan, and this is followed by Girl, where 15-year-old Lara strives to become a ballet dancer at the same time as undergoing hormone treatment. The Company considers the challenges of being a dancer within the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, whereas The Choreographic Dreams of Ed Emshwiller explores three of his experimental dance short films.

Finally, there is the beautiful wuxia romance film House of Flying Daggers, the semi-autobiographical All that Jazz – based on Bob Fosse’s life – and The Boy Friend, where shy stage manager Polly suddenly needs to take the place of the injured leading lady.

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