RESET 2022

▸ 13/01, 19:30 ▸ 14 et 15/01, 20:00 ▸ neimënster ▸

For the 5th edition of RESET, neimënster, in collaboration with Luxembourgish musician Pascal Schumacher, invites eight European musicians (Johanna Summer, Sanne Rambags, Nelson Cascais, Sylvain Rifflet, Mona Matbou Riahi, Berlinde Deman, Mikkel Ploug and Jeff Herr) to perform together over ten days in the abbey to jam, explore, create, and improvise. The results of these sessions will be showcased over three consecutive evenings.

On Thursday’s Jazz Crawl, the artists will play in duo or trio at different locations allowing people to discover the music in a relaxed atmosphere. Friday promises solo performances from each of the artists. Saturday’s official concert features a fulllength program developed by the musicians, playing their own compositions, new collaborative pieces, and ad hoc improvisations. A jazzy DJ set by former RESET participant Jan Brauer will follow.

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Due to the health situation, it is possible that the information announced here are incorrect. We invite you to consult the organisators’ website for all the information and news concerning the events.