Le Luxembourg existe-t-il vraiment ?

▸ 11/01 ▸ 18:00 ▸ Cercle Cité ▸ www.cerclecite.lu

Famous for his daily RTBF column ‘C’est presque sérieux’, Belgian journalist Matthieu Peltier has been invited by the Lëtzebuerg City Museum to host a conference-debate on the theme ‘Does Luxembourg really exist?’ at the Cercle Cité. With this somewhat provocative title, the discussion will revolve around whether the reality proposed by officialdom really exists. Who should we believe and what should be believed in the age of alternative truths? Peltier approaches conspiracy theories critically and the debate promises to be lively while focused on the identity of the Grand Duchy and preconceived ideas about the country. As the number of participants is limited, registration for the event is required.

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