Shōhei Imamura (1)

▸ 01/12–16/12 ▸ Horaires et langues des films :

Shōhei Imamura – the only Japanese director to ever win two Palmes d’Or – was a feminist director ahead of his time, known for illustrating pain and suffering without sacrificing human dignity. He returned again and again to the lower classes and the fringes of society, depicting them amidst struggle and turmoil, but not without humour. Imamura’s heroes and heroines were survivors.

In La Femme insecte, we witness a woman’s endurance and her turn towards prostitution, whereas Le Pornographe sees an erotic filmmaker come under fire from all sides: gangsters, the government, and his family. Eijanaika is a whirlwind of the weird and bizarre as we follow a farmer who, after 6 years in the US, returns home to find a revolution and his wife sold to stallholders. In La Ballade de Narayama, a 69-yearold woman readies herself for the ritualistic sacrifice of her village’s custom, but not before she finds a wife for her son.

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