« Das alte Gesetz »

▸ 14/11 ▸ 19:00 ▸ Philharmonie ▸ www.philharmonie.lu

The Philharmonie pursues its tradition of showcasing the masterpieces of silent cinema After the Portuguese classic O Táxi Nº 9297, one of the first crime films ever made, Das alte Gesetz, is now being given live orchestration. Directed by Ewald André Dupont, this film tells the story of a rabbi’s son who decides to escape the shackles of tradition to live a liberated life in Vienna. Made in 1923, at the height of anti-Semitism, this work is more than a portrait of an era. The film also tells the story of a now vanished way of life. Restored in 2018, the film has been given a new soundtrack composed by Philippe Schoeller and performed at the Philharmonie by the Ensemble Recherche under the direction of Nacho de Paz.

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