▸ 07/10, 15:00 ▸ 09 & 10/10, 11:00, 15:00 & 17:00 ▸ de 6 mois à 2 ans ▸ sans paroles ▸ Rotondes ▸

Belgian company Klankennest took inspiration from the majestic manta ray for its latest production, using a combination of music, lights and movements to introduce young children to this truly unique fish. Three musicians use their instruments to take children off on a journey to discover this wonderful creature that appears to fly through the ocean, their polyrhythmic compositions and improvisations keeping even the youngest of audiences and their families enthralled in this gentle introduction to the complexity of music in an atmosphere designed to be soothing and reassuring. Featuring sets made from familiar materials, Manta is sure to be a sweet experience to share with loved ones.

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