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Following the recent passing of Jean-Paul Belmondo, the Cinémathèque will feature a two-part exploration of his career across the years. When it comes to playing a part, Belmondo is the perfect thief. A criminal in all films (from this month’s selection) but one, the actor thrives in all things crime, drama and thriller. In À bout de souffle, Belmondo steals a car, murders a policeman, and uses love as an escape plan, while in Le Doulos, he leaves prison only to return to a world of murder, robbery and betrayal. He portrays a gentleman thief, moulded by fate and stealing only from the rich, in Le Voleur. In the biographical feature Stavisky, he depicts the very real life of fraudster and embezzler Alexandre Stavisky, who caused rioting, a political scandal and a change in government in France.

Finally, in a change of tone, Belmondo plays the lover to exotic dancer Angela in musical drama Une femme est une femme.

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