Avishai Cohen

▸ 13/10 ▸ 19:00 ▸ den Atelier ▸ www.atelier.lu

As Avishai Cohen approached his 50th birthday and planned the elaborate ‘50:50:50’ tour to mark the occasion, he couldn’t possibly have seen what lay ahead. Completing 50 concerts in 50 countries is challenging at the best of times, but when a global pandemic hits, it’s near to impossible. He would have been forgiven for cancelling the whole thing, perhaps he could have added an extra date next year and done a ‘51:51:51’ tour, but no. His show, originally scheduled for April, is one of the first shows, post-lockdown, to take place at den Atelier and it’s a pretty good way for music fans to get back into the swing of things as Cohen takes his audience on a global journey through his influences and inspirations.

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