The Sanitation Department stays very busy during the pandemic

At the end of June, Patrick Goldschmidt, the alderman in charge of environmental matters, presented the Sanitation Department’s results for the year 2020 and outlined its projects and priorities. With a staff of 388 people, the department handles the collection and management of waste and keeps our streets clean.

During the pandemic, it has had to adjust its organisation to ensure the continuity of its services and protect its most vulnerable employees. The temporary closure of the recycling centre meant that teams could be reassigned to the collection of waste and recyclables. Waste collection (both residual waste and recyclables) was affected by the closure of shops and restaurants (less waste than in 2019).

Environmental protection being a top priority, the department continued to encourage electromobility with the purchase of new electric vehicles.

Forward-thinking, the department is now also considering innovative connected bin systems as a way of enforcing the ‘polluter pays’ principle. Finally, it plans to pursue its awareness-building efforts by improving its services and better addressing the environmental challenges of tomorrow..

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