Protecting urban nature and the environment

Did you know that municipal committees deliberate and advise on matters referred to them in support of the municipal council and college of aldermen? In this City edition, learn more about the municipal committee for the protection of nature and the environment.

The committee for the protection of nature and the environment examines important issues affecting the city, such as building energy performance, biodiversity in parks and forests, and improving recycling. The commission for the protection of nature and the environment was created on 15 January 1979 under pressure from the environmental movement.When reviewing construction-related cases, in order to find the best solution, members of the committee are informed via the administration’s specialised services “of what energy- saving solutions can be implemented in municipal buildings or in future special development plans (plans d’aménagement particulier – PAP),” explains Isabel Wiseler-Lima, chair of the committee. Whether it concerns existing buildings or those in the planning stage, the committee can, for example, recommend a more optimised energy-saving system, such as “geothermal energy or grey water heat recovery system”.The committee also closely monitors everything concerning the city’s parks and forests, as well as major projects such as the Pétrusse valley’s ecological redevelopment project, “a study on the impact of urban green spaces on the environment”, or even the recent Ban de Gasperich development project: “There have been many discussions concerning this new neighbourhood’s largest public park. The committee is consulted at different stages, such as presenting the project to local residents, but also ensures the new landscape design preserves biodiversity.” To increase Luxembourg City’s urban ecological potential, a survey on possible green roof sites is currently underway.

Waste is also a concern for the committee. “Developing a compost system is an idea that matters a lot to me because we still have some way to go when it comes to recycling. An agreement will be shortly signed with the Minett Kompost syndicate for the collection of all green and biodegradable waste.” Giving objects a second life through the circular economy is also gaining traction: “We’re planning to create a reuse and recycle centre, where people can drop off their unwanted objects which still work.”The committee for the protection of nature and the environment is referred to by the college of aldermen and the municipal council. Questions related to the protection of nature and the environment should be addressed to the council via the Environmental officer at: or 4796-4773.

Pierre Schmitt
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