Marly Marques 5tet

▸ 18:00 & 20:00 ▸ Philharmonie ▸

The Marly Marques Quintet was formed around jazz musician Marly Marques, with Jitz Jeitz on saxophone, Claude Schaus on piano, Laurent Peckels on bass/double bass and Paul Fox on drums. Whilst they do cover the great jazz classics, our artists are also not afraid to venture into the field of world music, with musical styles that reflect what they are about and the voice of Marly, a poly-glot singer cradled by the sounds of fado on her mother’s side and Angola on her father’s side. As actual friends in real life, their complicity on stage shines through in the fun they have whenever they are together. Our globe-trotters have travelled to many countries since they were founded, including Lebanon, Cape Verde, Portugal, Germany and France, and always with great success.

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