The Female Gaze

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During the months of July through to September, the Cinémathèque is taking on the work of female directors from across the globe. Here are a few to give you a flavour of what is to come, but make sure you check the website for the rest! As we need not spend too much time on more mainstream classics such as Lost in Translation, Something’s Gotta Give and Desperately Seeking Susan, we can dedicate this space to some features you may not know, such as Czechoslovakian Les Petites Marguerites, a picture of two rebellious women playing destructive pranks to rebel against the materialistic world they live in, and Le Père de mes Enfants, which sees a woman discover her partner’s double life after his suicide. À Cinq Heures de l’Après-midi follows an ambitious girl in Kabul who dreams of becoming president, and Priest tells the story of a closeted priest who learns about a girl’s sexual abuse in the confessional.

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