QuattroPole’s award and projects

The QuattroPole association brings together the cities of Metz, Saarbrücken, Trier and Luxem-bourg with the common goal of cooperating and contributing to a more united Europe. Florence Guillemin, the association’s new secretary-general, took up her role in March. “I have a legal background and knew early on I wanted to live, study and work in different European countries and viewed the fact that I was able to have these experiences thanks to the advances of the European Union as an opportunity. I applied for this position out of a sense of convic-tion that the future vision guiding the association’s actions is a will for concrete action for citizens from these  four cities.”The secretary-general’s main tasks are to ensure the proper running of the association, develop the visibility of Quattro-Pole within the Greater Region and beyond and to support the Luxembourg presidency of the association in the implementa-tion of the work programme. A programme rich in cul-tural, touristic and artistic activ-ities was presented on 20 May during an academic session at the Conservatoire. Aimed at the 530,000 inhabitants of the four cities, it is based on four pillars: cross-border solidarity between cities; dia-logue between citizens; cultural, touristic and economic attrac-tiveness; and the promotion of digital progress. The ‘e-learning’ project has been chosen as the flagship focus in the field of digitisation. This online learn-ing platform, which attracted more than 75,000 subscribers, will be upgraded.In order to include young people in the programme, projects like ‘Building Bridges’ or ‘QuattroPop’ will also be implemented.


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