Social housing for rent

New housing has been unveiled on Rue de la Tour Jacob in the Clausen neighbourhood. The whole building was upgraded and refurbished to meet current building regulations. The build- ing’s façade was preserved given its remarkable architectural quality. Four social housing units have been built for the rental market. The building now features four private basements and two ground-floor studio flats with a surface of 29m2. Each has a living room and separate bathroom. The 1st and 2nd floors each house a two-bedroom flat covering around 64m2, featuring a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. Finally, the communal bins and bike racks are located in the rear courtyard.

It was particularly important that the building be insulated efficiently, especially the base- ment floor, roof and windows. Mineral wool was used to insulate the rear façade. Furthermore, controlled mechanical ventilation systems regulate the climate indoors, while a gas condenser boiler has been fitted to produce domestic hot water.

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PHOTO: Simon Verjus (Maison Moderne)